Sketching Painting
- observation sketching
- charcoal
- pastel
- composition
- introduction to colors
- lights and shades
- oil
- acrylic
- mixed techniques
- water color

Themes: still life, landscape, anatomy, classic art

Classes available for beginner, intermediate and advanced artist.

Registration at all time at Ateliers Artlequin 
1733 rue principale, Ste Julie, J3E 1W7 
Telephone : 450-922-0330 
Fax : 450-922-2524

Benoit Desfossés, contemporary artist. His canvas are reflecting the city movement, he is inspired by his passion of sport, travelling, history and about life... Benoit Desfossés teaches art and painting in atelier Artlequin and participates to various and large scale exhibits.


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