From the benches of elementary school, Benoît Desfossés has his nose in the air, a pencil in his hand and scribbles down while the teacher is giving explanations.

He is born on October 15th 1956 in Montreal. He is the fifteenth child of a family of nineteen children. Different from his brothers and sisters, he carves his place out and studies commercial design and various techniques related to this discipline. He studied as well in industrial design, architecture, graphics and interior design at the “Université du Québec à Montréal”. Associate to Inné Design, interior design designer and many of his projects are published in Quebec’s magazines, such as “Les Idées de Ma Maison” and “Décormag”.

After many years working in interior design and printing, he joins the “Académie d’Art et Beaux-Arts” in Varennes, where he learns classic painting from Pierrette Lacas and Sam Aberg. He participates to his first exhibition and was granted a television interview for this event. With a group of artists, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts accepts to include their project and exhibition: “Hommage à Monet, vision Québécoise” during the international exhibition of impressionist: Monet.
His post-impressionist style evolves through the years, learning’s and travelling. He uses mix techniques and let freedom to his imagination through history; his own and the one to come, to discover. The exhibit; 100 years of hockey in Montreal has become an extraordinary stepping stone. This exhibit is moving around the province and requested since March 2009. He teaches art to more than sixty students at the “Ateliers Artlequin” in Ste-Julie and is completely dedicated to his art.

Many of his art pieces are part or private collections throughout Canada.



Every day, life engraves the history; day after day in our routine. I question myself on people walking on the street.

« Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? » Paul Gauguin

It was not surprising that today you can see geography, history and anthropology through my art. I consider my production being witness of our present and passed history. I like very much the idea of my art being a learning tool, it is very refreshing. Maps are giving me the opportunity to travel; the history makes me understand our ancestors and contemporary. The anthropology informs me about our society and culture. All these aspects make my art alive and vibrant. It’s up to you to look and find out your own answers; imagine your own story!
The paintings are an opportunity to share, to question, to dream and discover… I glue newspapers, maps, pictures; I insert plants, stencils, small objects, textures and texts. All together on the canvas these elements speak about a city, people, a story, speak about life.
There is no limit to my creativity, my findings, encounters, relationships; readings and traveling that are feeding my production. It is an endless process and there are always things to learn about.
Through the years, I discovered a passion which brings me closer to myself and fellows. It is my way of sharing my vision of life and people on my paintings.

Benoit Desfossés, contemporary artist. His canvas are reflecting the city movement, he is inspired by his passion of sport, travelling, history and about life... Benoit Desfossés teaches art and painting in atelier Artlequin and participates to various and large scale exhibits.


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